Jamaican Vibes

…it has always been my dream to travel to Jamaica. All I expected was Sun, Beach and Music, especially Music!
… I got a lot more … a feeling of life not only from serenity, but also to appreciate everything you have.

The photo shows Montego Bay and in the background you can see a part of the BLUE MOUNTAINS* – one of Jamaica’s treasures.

No COFFEE* will taste as good to me as this one – by the way, served by a gifted Jamaican servant or better singer, who kicks for his livelihood.
One of Jamaican’s appreciation is that everyone, I swear everyone, is provided with a fantastic voice and Music in their venes.

Never I was such recovered and wanted to stay.
It’s a very intense feeling – so liberating. I felt a bit in love with that People.

However, I saw in my trips partly also terrible poverty. That really hurts.
As a result of the colonialisation, most had never had a chance.
They are absolutely capable and willing as absolutely friendly and helpful. I felt so welcome.

Throughout I spend most of my time with local people, I’ve explored only one half of this beautiful island (North/West & South). I’ll soon come back and explore the other half (East/South), thru the blue mountains, including Kingston.

Did I already mentioned the good Food? …it’s divine – I tasted meals, which I would never have thought I’ld try.
Every day I started with fresh gineps and coconut (aside of a mango-smoothie)!

You can taste here all the privileges of the climate and the mixed influences of the Occupation and Immigration.
First hadn’t understood the hype around the rum, but now i know it’s a poem, could bathe in it.
& I love the smell of that Island.

Also the flora is interesting, there are actually over 200 different palm trees here.

‘Never let yourself be distracted from the essential’ – that I learned here.

Traveling gives you – depending on the country – different feelings. Mine’s here: …I feel like at home.

I want to get even more of this natural ‘Bohemian laid back’ feeling – so I’ll come back …see you, Jamaica

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