Jamaican Vibes

…it has always been my dream to travel to Jamaica. All I expected was Sun, Beach and Music, especially Music!
… I got a lot more … a feeling of life not only from serenity, but also to appreciate everything you have.

The photo shows Montego Bay and in the background you can see a part of the BLUE MOUNTAINS* – one of Jamaica’s treasures.

No COFFEE* will taste as good to me as this one – by the way, served by a gifted Jamaican servant or better singer, who kicks for his livelihood.
One of Jamaican’s appreciation is that everyone, I swear everyone, is provided with a fantastic voice and Music in their venes.

Never I was such recovered and wanted to stay.
It’s a very intense feeling – so liberating. I felt a bit in love with that People.

However, I saw in my trips partly also terrible poverty. That really hurts.
As a result of the colonialisation, most had never had a chance.
They are absolutely capable and willing as absolutely friendly and helpful. I felt so welcome.

Throughout I spend most of my time with local people, I’ve explored only one half of this beautiful island (North/West & South). I’ll soon come back and explore the other half (East/South), thru the blue mountains, including Kingston.

Did I already mentioned the good Food? …it’s divine – I tasted meals, which I would never have thought I’ld try.
Every day I started with fresh gineps and coconut (aside of a mango-smoothie)!

You can taste here all the privileges of the climate and the mixed influences of the Occupation and Immigration.
First hadn’t understood the hype around the rum, but now i know it’s a poem, could bathe in it.
& I love the smell of that Island.

Also the flora is interesting, there are actually over 200 different palm trees here.

‘Never let yourself be distracted from the essential’ – that I learned here.

Traveling gives you – depending on the country – different feelings. Mine’s here: …I feel like at home.

I want to get even more of this natural ‘Bohemian laid back’ feeling – so I’ll come back …see you, Jamaica

56 thoughts on “Jamaican Vibes

  1. Nice, evocative post about Jamaica. I went there twice years ago as a teenager and had so much fun. Loved the culture, food and people, though I must say the marijuana dealers were VERY annoying. They would NOT leave us alone for a minute, even at the airport in Montego Bay. (Yes, we bought some!) Ocho Rios, Kingston, Negril — great. Love your beautiful photograph.

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  2. We spent our second honeymoon there! We stayed in Ochos Rios and it was great! We really loved Dunn’s River Falls and agree about the food. For us, the pineapple was just divine! I need to dig up our pictures and write a post too. Yes, the poverty there as well as other places I have traveled: San Juan, Bangkok, Islamabad, Jakarta and a few more have the same type of poverty. But what we saw there and a few others is the absolute humbleness and kindness of the people….

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  3. Thanks for your very nice review of my post. Your photo and article make me want to go to Jamaica right now. Even though I visited other islands while in the Navy, many years ago, I have not had the pleasure of visiting Jamaica. Great travel post.

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  4. First, thank you for taking a peek at my latest blog post regarding my search for some Stone Circles of England. I visited your blog and this post about Jamaica caught my eye because my wife and I traveled there for the first time back in February of 2017. We spent all our on the northern part of the island – landing in Montego Bay and then making our way east, staying in Ocho Rios and then outside of Port Antonio. We very much enjoyed our stay. A post along with pictures of our trip is out on my blog – pearlnmblog.wordpress.com. If you’re interested, select All Things Travel from the flyout menus at the top of the left sidebar. By the way, the picture of the beach in the header of this post – is that by any chance from One Man Beach, off Gloucester Ave? The view seems similar to what I remember.

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  5. I spent my 56th birthday zip-wiring through the Jamaican rainforest, an amazing experience which I will cherish all my days. My main memory of Jamaica though was the guide who took us rafting down the river who said “we do not have problems in Jamaica, we just have “a situation” ” I know call all things that are a challenge “a situation” (Sounds better if you can add the Jamaican lilt to it.) Blessings Joy

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  6. Thank you for stopping by and liking my painting…. I have come to return the visit…

    This is a beautiful shot, never been to Jamaica, but have lived in Miami, and the Florida coast before….
    ironically I finished another work a couple weeks ago entitled Hurricane Season, which looks a lot like the landscape here lol.

    Have followed your blog as it is interesting, thank you….
    Please visit me again and consider following me as well.

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  7. What I have realized is that people who are poor are real. They have a sense of affection and belonging because they always fall back upon each other rather than money or resources. They don’t have to worry about unnecessary things like what to wear for the party? They have real issues to grapple with like sustaining themselves. Maybe this is little straight but that’s how it is.

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  8. I love Jamaica too! The people are amazing, the coffee smells incredible (i don’t care much for coffee), and guinep is the most incredible fruit! I hoe you get to return soon.

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  9. Glad you had a good time! My family is from Jamaica – it’s a beautiful place. Did you manage to go up Blue Mountains? It’s a hike but well worth it

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