slow living

THAT !  – lifts the mood** & put all things together…

My personal secret:  ‘be with others generous and self-sufficient in dealing with expectations’

All i know about slow down did i learn by traveling in the carribean area, cause Islands always have been encapsulated by the rest of civilization.  

As we know these days ‘good Life’ doesn’t mean quantity – but do and own the ‘right things’. Belongings can stress a lot, trust me – I checked this out.

I admit, there are life stages sometimes it’s more difficult, in case you have a family and the children are still small. But even here one can ‘create’ oases.
If you manage to appreciate exactly what you have, then you are already on a good path.
Also, doing only one thing with muse – instead of multitasking – satisfies much more.

& the nature you us how**

Try to remember a sunset walk or the air in a forest after a rainy day, here you can pretty good refuel your tank.

So just go out,  into nature and think about what you really want about now. … and make plans right away, how you will realize these. Don’t wait too much!

It’s for sure, deep inside we all have wishes, still not filled.
…seems we want ride the rainbow

Daily work occupied the most hours of our days.
Consequently we should own less things, to need less to work.

To achieve this we have to change some habits, you can also say, we need  some ‘nudge’. 

More or less softly, i reduced my stuff.

 Since then i feel a lot better – i am on my way to a bohemian soul. 

Good luck then   

105 thoughts on “slow living

  1. That is a so true to me. Slow living is definitely something we should aspire to, rather than feeling pressurised to aspire to the opposite. Success to me is not a life filled endlessly with work and the pursuit of material things, but a life filled with simple pleasures and love. Thank you for sharing your inspiring views 🙂

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  2. Completely agree with you, the simple things in life are what makes it so special. Beautiful thoughts, thanks for sharing, and for passing by my blog.

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  3. I have been living the slow life for 13 years and I love it. I don’t miss work that’s for sure. I love my life immersed in nature and without possessions because if you have many possessions then you need to protect them. Everyone talks about living the good life but how many do?. I’m glad I have.

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  4. I like this very much. I have learned to stop trying to please others. I use to think happiness is achieved by making others happy. I was never happy when trying to please others because happiness is a personal thing. I learned how to be happy with what I have and stop trying to give it away to everyone else. I learned how to love myself. I am now happier than I ever was. I have no worries except for my health. I am able to take care of myself because I quit worrying about everyone else. I come first in my life because I can’t be there for anyone else if I can’t be there for myself. I also include God in everything I do. He comes first too.

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  5. Hello There. Great web site. I definitely will be a follower AND thank you so much for taking a look at Love ,Peace, Burgers & Grease. Hope you can come to Chattanooga for a visit. Take care. Bob

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  6. So important to keep your heart on fire by living a life that you love, and that is connected to nature. In the words of Tracy Chapman, “all that you have is your soul”. Thanks for the reminder Sicloudy, I enjoyed reading your blog.

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  7. Well I slowed down 15 years ago and could never go back to the fast life. I really love my life. One just needs the courage to do it.

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