…what beautiful pearls in the Indian ocean, each one different in their own way  – just a dream!

The beautiful and numerous granite rocks have become witnesses of this time* and also their marks…. 

* it have same rocks like on the african continent                                               

My hotel was on the main island Mahé in the idyllic Beau Vallon Bay. I loved all tropical fruits and creole dishes. I recommend herefor the restaurant ‘Marie Antoinette’, BEST restaurant of the island Mahé. This restaurant is idyllically situated on a hill overlooking to Victoria, the smallest capital of the world. There are indeed just 10 traffic light intersections here.

You can reach the most spots by bus, boat, ferry or taxi, and I felt really SAFE here. Very friendly people .

The rainforest is very well preserved and the flora and fauna are rare natural treasures.

For Example: Coco de Mér, cinnamon trees or even turtles, much is unique here. That island-state consists of 115 archipels; many of them still uninhabited and authentic.

But what also fascinated me was the fact that all religions are actually still living side by side peacefully. Where else is this today? Even fishermen can still live from their catches/work,  I saw my first sailfish –  but how much longer?
Another unique feature is their family structure. Does a couple which have children getting to separate – in fact, the next partner assumes the role of father quiet naturally.
Much has fascinated me here, must necessarily see the rest of the islands.
Especially  Félicité 🙂






95 thoughts on “Seychelles

    1. I’ve been there September last year, we took the cruise (Island Hopper) back and forth. The islands are soo beautiful but on the way back the sea was choppy and we had such a terrible time. The crew on board released the life boat too which just flew away as soon as it was open. The storm was bad and they asked us to wear the life jackets. We were all glad we got back safe.

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  1. Definitely on my bucket list. Come to Cape Town South Africa all religions are living peacefully here to. We have lots of problems but religion intolerance isn’t one of them at least 😁

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  2. Beautiful! I would love to visit the Seychelles! My husband is a sailor and loves that area. We have sailed the BVI, and it is beautiful as well. We are currently living in Pula, Croatia on the Adriatic Sea and it is beautiful here as well. Thanks for liking my post!

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  3. My partner and I lived on Mahé for a year. I’ve only recently started blogging but maybe I should write about our time there or at least post the photos! 😆

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  4. La Digue Island is definitely worth a visit too. Very few motorised vehicles, everybody uses bicycles on which you can easily explore the whole island. Stunning.

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  5. Wow I loved this post being an Indian it’s really an interesting one for me thank you so much for sharing. 😊 I thought my blog might capture your attention as it contains similar topics related to fashion and other self upliftment stuff, do check it out and your suggestions are always welcome.❤

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    1. …a private driver told me some about his own personal family situation and mentioned this is a thoroughly social, very old (former) form of living together.
      in fact, there is also a 9-year compulsory schooling (as well as a state scholarship) and all are covered by state health insurance (according to the motto) ‘at the doctor, all people are equal’…
      I spent most of my time on Mahé, maybe the structures are slightly different on the other islands.
      all religions are without exception peaceful.
      of course, the skin color also plays a role in the society.
      LIFE AND LET LIVE – it works very well there…

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  6. Thanks for the post and the follow! We ( will be in the Seychelles for nearly a week in December, and I’m very excited for that! When I was a kid growing up in Saudi Arabia, the French families would always go to the Seychelles on R&R, but we never did. Guess I’m going to fulfill a dream that is 30 years in the making

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    1. Sounds great it’s wonderful when dreams come true after a long time – I wish you an unforgettable trip .. I also have so many more dreams and work on it. My next destnation: in September I fly to Cote d’Azur 🙂

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