Andalusia, Spain

Had a fantastic & very windy week at the Atlantic Ocean Beach La Barrosa, a culture with character and deliciuos Food – loved it.

~ Heimat means ‘close to Home’

Farmer market visits ring in the weekend.

eat local is my health booster.


i like my daily way home after hard work.

also in the exceptional year 2020.

hold on!


… is a grenade ! Right now i’m limin’ (that the word for chilling ) here at the espectular Grand Anse Bay as you can see at the nice colorful pic. The beautiful Hotel at the Mount Cinnamon Hill is serving a Dream of a 4-Course-Diner Menu.

… and just around the corner:

BBC Beach – reachable by foot 🙂

I have never felt more safe and friendly treated…

From current occasion:

I’m thrilled for the outstanding exhibition of contemporary sculptures by Werner Pokorny.

The occasion is the 10th anniversary of the Kunsthalle Schweinfurt, Germany.

Don’t miss it..

[Werner Pokorny , ‘Window I, 2019’]


Look at me & my Insta-Hashtag. #non_opulent

…& it will be worth to follow…


Upcoming next:

…something about Dominican Replublik

Chapter  1 @ Page  1

A new year it’s a bit like a new beginning – all is possible, it depends on your goals. Let the old year resume, then you’ll know what to change.

…I advise:  ACT  instead of react…!

There are many possibilities, but which to choose? Herefor you need some ‘metime’, no obligations, no work.

For me works to be off –  Try that too…

Good Luck & see you…!

No TV @ Summertime   –  The Tragedy

…always wanted I try to take a time out of news and television…

And see – what happened – as if someone had heard, my TV broke!

Well, I took advantage of the opportunity and immediately started my experience.

My Godness, I did not know how long such a day can be …and what can be packed into  an evening.

…I am thrilled… (finally I hear nothing more of the G20  meeting)

There are days like today – lots of wind and sun, staying at the lake – which can be an amazing recovery. Sailing boats are cruising under a beautiful blue sky.

The body and mind are bright and relaxed. The sounds of nature do so good cure – leaves rustling in the wind and some birds are hungry… In the case I repeat myself, never was I closer to myself.

The abstinence of (mostly negative) news, I am not a bit missing.

On the contrary, I feel more alive in now and here, enjoy this even more incredibly.

I can very recommend this to you, start immediately – the summer is just starting… I think the fall isn’t bad at all.
Wish you a good time at the reflection… Your soul will thank you herefore.

So, I’m off then…

Heiße Nächte*  –  La Opera… 

Endlich Sommer.  Rechtzeitig zum Afrika-Festival kommt nun die afrikanische Hitze nach Franken. Eigentlich bin ich ja sehr glücklich, mit meiner hellen, freundlichen und offen geschnittenen *Dachgeschosswohnung.

Im Winter ist sie schön hell und warm. Die Räume sind nicht zu klein, sondern schön quadratisch. Sogar eine Badewanne gibt es, mit einem herrlichen Blick in den Himmel. Ich gebe zu, das Dachfenster ist etwas klein. Dadurch bleibt halt die Luftfeuchtigkeit nach dem Duschen/Baden recht lange im Raum. Aber sonst – echt klasse!

So hell die Wohnung im Winter ist, sollte mal die Sonne scheinen, so dunkel ist es im Sommer.  Ja, richtig gehört.  Denn da MUSS man die Fenster/Rollos gleich früh dicht machen.

Das Gute daran, man sieht nicht, wenn die Fenster schmutzig sind. Man weiß ja – die Vögel. Die schrägen Fenster fangen ja alles auf.  Auch den vielen Blütenstaub, davon habe ich genug. Schließlich wohne ich am Rand des Ortes, schön ruhig… Wenn man mal von den lauten Vögeln absieht, die so ab 4.30 am in den lautesten Tönen singen.

Ist halt alles echte Natur. Schließlich wollte es man ja so.

Von den Nächten habe ich auf jeden Fall mehr im Sommer, man verschläft nicht so viel. Schließlich kann man ja erst nach 11pm die Fenster wieder öffnen und die etwas kühlere Luft reinlassen. In der Regel schlafe ich dann so gegen 1:30 Uhr dann endlich ein.

Schön, oder…

11 thoughts on “Blog

  1. Yeah, getting rid of the TV can open up many opportunities – depends on how much TV you watch – but it’s not all bad. Sometimes I think I should also cut down the time I spend blogging – that could free some more time

    Liked by 1 person

    1. … dear thanks, i viewed only quality tv & I can also watch these documentaries online… i can recommend you very much to spend more time for other activities 🙂


  2. I stopped watching TV more than 10 years ago, it was not my choice but the government changed the signal, my TV became obsolete and I didn’t want to buy a new one. I was instantly thankful for the benefits of that change. It was pretty much as you describe: longer days, peaceful days and better quality of life 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Hi..
    Thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂 I got rid of my TV way back in 2007… and trust me, without TV we will have lot more in our hands to do 😉 🙂

    Wishes, T.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. TV programs are quite boring in my country which is great!! So I dont watch that much. Its the phone and internet that distract me.

    I love to go for walks too!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I liked “No TV @ summertime. I don’t watch TV at all but spend most of my time outside in nature, gardening, meditating, taking walks and reading and I don’t miss it. Once in a while I might watch a movie. It has to be really good to keep me seated though. I love my life with no TV.

    Liked by 2 people

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